• nottingham
  • Arnold
  • West-Bridgford
  • Edwalton
  • Clifton
  • Stapleford
  • top-valley
  • cotgrave
  • new-ollerton
  • blidworth
  • Serving the City of Nottingham
  • Eagle's Nest Church - serving Arnold (NG5)
  • The Rock Church - serving West Bridgford (NG2)
  • Edwalton Community Church - serving Edwalton (NG12)
  • Hope Church - serving Clifton (NG11)
  • The Haven Church - serving Stapleford (NG9)
  • Covenant Ministries Church - serving Top Valley (NG5)
  • The Rock Church - serving Cotgrave (NG12)
  • Lifespring Church - serving Ollerton (NG22)
  • Sherwood Forest Community Church - serving Blidworth (NG21)

Welcome to NG Church Network

We are a group of churches that work in partnership to see our great city and outlying towns and villages transformed by the gospel. We want to see see vibrant churches, of all different shapes and sizes, in each of the Greater Nottingham NG postcode districts.

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Just pondering over the impact Abraham's faith had on the family. They followed him. Who knows what impact your faith will have upon others.

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