Leadership Development

One of our main focuses is to grow leaders so that we can not only have stronger Churches today, but in the future, too. 

Leaders never stop learning, whatever stage they are at, so we want to help facilitate part of that that at our 'Growing Leaders' events which currently take place three times a year (see below).

Growing Leaders


Recordings from previous 'Growing Leaders' meetings


Name Play Duration
Introduction to Theology - Part 1
Dr John Andrews

44:33 min
Introduction to Theology - Part 2
Dr John Andrews

26:46 min
Speaking in Tongues
John Pettifor

36:51 min
Mind The Gap
Mark Hopkins

30:56 min
Character Counts!
John Pettifor

41:14 min
Main Address
Dave Shearman

26:02 min
Group Discussion
Dave Mansfield

20:48 min
Living Full
John Fahy

22:09 min
Kate Kent

38:55 min
Facilitating Small Groups
Dave Mansfield

32:39 min
Team Leadership
Kevin Shaw

30:51 min
Leading With Authority
John Pettifor

26:59 min


Recordings from other events

Name Play Duration
Speak Up! (Evangelical Alliance Event)

1:03:35 min
Kingdom Expansion (NG Joint Service)
John Fahy

35:19 min


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